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what is ui/ux design?

Let's make sure we understand UI and UX. UI and UX are two different elements of the same consumer experience. UX is the users experience and the way they interact. UI is the user interface and focuses on the look and the layout. 



product definition.

Simple formula, complex process. Your requirements = users personas, stories, and case diagrams. This is where most UX is done. 


In this important step we make sure we have an understanding of the competition. Make a thorough study of your existing domain. Go through competitor strategy to test outcomes. We make sure to also have and incorporate the latest UI/UX trends, design principles, and guidelines. 


In the analysis phase of the process we use the information gathered in the research phase. In addition, we incorporate hypothetical persons and experience maps. 


The design phase outputs sketching, wireframes, prototypes and design specifications. The design team will execute the final design in this phase. 

validation and testing.

This is where we determine through user testing and usability testing if users need your product and most importantly put it to use. 


UX Design

from $2750

Discovery and Planning

Research and Strategy

Conceptual Design

User Testing and Validation

UI Design

from $2250

Product Definition






UI/UX Audit

from $595

Product Evaluations 


Sales Figures

User Friendly

Brand Based Design

Convention Rates

User Surveys

Stakeholder Interviews

*Prices stated above are package starting prices. Each project will receive a customized quote depending on your project requirements.

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