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what is product design?

In business, new product development covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market, renewing an existing product or introducing a product in a new market.  In other words, product design and development incorporates a product's entire journey.



brainstorming and defining.

We begin the process with brainstorming. First, we define the problem, generate ideas, then select the most viable. This helps us to define the product itself. 

research and sketch.

This is the most critical step in the process. We define the market and the probability of success. Then based on your market and competition we come up with some product sketches. 

prototype and specs.

Seeing the product at its base is important to design and development. Prototyping comes as an important step. Which in turn helps define and compile specifications. 

sampling and testing.

Manufacturing the samples or application with most essential functions will help see the real product and confirm successful testing and data. 


At this time the product gets fully developed with clearly defined requirements, tasks, responsibilities, deadlines and budgets. 

quality assurance.

This step actually begins with the production and development stage with later stages covering through product release and further maintenance. 


Product X

Custom Pricing


Defining the Product

Market Research



Compiling Specifications

Production of Factory Samples

Sample Testing

Full Production

Quality Assurance

*Prices stated above are package starting prices. Each project will receive a customized quote depending on your project requirements.

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