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why amazon?

Today Amazon is the the leader in online eCommerce. If you don't get with Amazon, you get left behind. Due to Amazon’s amazing seller platform and fulfillment network it makes it easier and more profitable to sell on Amazon. 



seller account.

Amazon is very selective when it comes to the approval process. We make sure your account is set up properly and fully compliant. 

brand registry.

Registering with ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) is very important to being a brand on Amazon. This is the key aspect to creating and achieving a road to success on Amazon.

amazon store.

Amazon store helps show case your products. This is an ABR exclusive feature and sets you apart from resellers. Let's build your branded store and collection pages to boost exposure and potential sales. 

product listings.

In this step we list your products, optimize the listings then upload them to your branded store. Properly optimized product listings are key to a successful Amazon Store. 

sponsored ads.

Ads are one of the most ideal ways to increase product sales. With Amazon's enhanced ad platform, anyone can run an ad. We ensure your ads are optimized to create effective results with low ACoS (Average cost of sale). 



from $549/month

Reduced Acos and Increased Profit Margins

Expert Analysis for higher ROI

Enhanced Bidding Strategies

Continuous AD Optimization

Dedicated PPC Account Manager


$325/per ASIN 

Competition and Market Analysis

Professionally Sales Copy

Listing Title Optimization

Focused and Optimized Bullet Points

Backed Keywords

Enhanced Brand Content

Brand Based Design

Brand Driven HTML Product Description


from $1495

Seller Account Setup

Brand Registry

Store Setup

Store Design

Listing of Products

ASIN Optimization

Stock Photography

Sponsored Ads Setup

*Prices stated above are package starting prices. Each project will receive a customized quote depending on your project requirements.

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