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Unlock Your Business' True Potential


We offer various types of product & business development services depending on your needs. Simple or complex, we bring all the technical and creative knowledge to the table, so you don't have to. 


Our branding services build loyalty with purpose. With a team like ours we make sure your brand is shining and performing at it's best all the time.


Our digital marketing services deliver smart and impactful awareness to your business and brand. With our simple reporting, we keep you in the know. Let us make a positive difference in your brand and business today. 


Build an authentic & differentiated brand

Stop slowing the growth of your business

Tired of wasting hours of your time trying to grow your business without a plan? Build your business with a solid data driven brand strategy.

Deliver a clear message without the extra noise

Build a brand with a consistent visual style 

Get recognized and trusted by your customers

Build a data driven business & skyrocket your growth




It's simple. We help business' grow. Let's grow yours too!

We work with a variety of industries to reach specific goals. Sometimes it's not to get more customers but to increase profits.

Let us take York Kabob in Los Angeles, CA. Client paying unnecessary commissions to Food Delivery platforms and giving away potential profits. Data Hunters was able to develop in-house online ordering platform combined with the right marketing campaigns to redirect clients to ordering directly. Let's look at some numbers:


online orders




saved on commissions

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